Arrivederci, lovely Taormina!

We ate our last breakfast on the terrace at the Villa Carlotta this a.m. Then we had to pull our luggage up the street to catch a bus to take us down the winding road to the railway station.

The Taormina railway station is really beautiful, with its mosaic ceiling, tiled floors, & wrought iron gates, etc. (see pics). Besides Rome, Taormina was the nicest city we’ve visited in Italy so far. (We don’t recommend Naples. Pompeii & Herculaneum were very good, but that was about it.)

Next we rode the train to Palermo (about a 4.5 hr. ride from Taormina–we had to change trains in Messina). Palermo’s the largest city in Sicily. It’s also the home of the Mafia; so if we don’t come back, you’ll know what happened to us! Ha ha!