Bitterroot & Smith Lake Excursion, Mother’s Day (05/13/2012), PART I

Bill, Rio and I decided to head up toward Marion and take a short hike above the Bitterroot Lake area today.  We didn’t have any particular trail in mind, mainly because we didn’t know of any.  When we arrived at the pass northeast of the lake, we found that there was snow on the road.  So we stopped at a logging trail and hiked along that for quite a distance.  The views weren’t the greatest–mostly just trees and valleys–but we had a good time.

Bill and Rio walking along the logging road

Rio eating snow

One branch of the logging road ended at a rock crushing area.  Apparently workers had gouged rock from the adjoining hill and crushed it, leaving several large piles of gravel around.  It didn’t appear that the gravel had been used for quite some time, as there were trees growing from the middle of the piles.

Bill and Rio at the rock crushing area

Rio quenched his thirst.

Pretty little stream

Gravel piles with trees growing out of them

Pretty meadow

We saw lots of fresh elk tracks & droppings, but no elk.

Elk droppings…

Rio & Bill on the trail

Rio found a stick.

Rio loves to roll in the snow.

Bitterroot Lake in the distance

Stay tuned for Part II, where we’ll see several interesting birds over at Smith Lake.