Feeder Birds of the Flathead (Spring 2012)

Here are but a few of the birds that have shown up at my feeders this spring.

Pick your favorite photo & leave me a message in the ‘comments’ section below!

A pair of Mourning Doves in an aspen tree

A female American Goldfinch chewing on sunflower seeds

A Common “Red-shafted” Flicker at the suet feeder

A Black-capped Chickadee exiting stage right

A female Red-winged Blackbird on a rock near the feeder

A White-crowned Sparrow in a lilac bush near the bird bath

“Ruffled Feathers”: a Mountain Chickadee with a sunflower seed in its bill

A Pine Siskin eating coveted thistle seeds

Male & female House Finches at the feeder

Brilliant male Yellow-headed Blackbirds eating corn and millet seed at the ground feeder

Which photo is your favorite?


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