Revisiting the Highline Trail Nine Years Later, (Sept. 2011)

When we first hiked the infamous Highline Trail in Glacier National Park back in 2002, my daughter Willie couldn’t do the hike with us because she was away at school.  She really wanted to hike the trail this summer (2011) while she was here.  So she and I drove up to GNP to do this hike, almost exactly nine years later.  (For some reason, we couldn’t talk anyone else into joining us.)

The trail was virtually the same as I remembered it.  I was hoping that maybe it wouldn’t be nearly as scary this time around, but unfortunately, for a person like me who has a ferocious fear of heights, it was.  However, the weather was nicer (warmer & sunnier with very little wind), we saw more animals, more people, we took lots of good photos, and we went only as far as the scenic overlook area (behind Haystack Butte) before we turned around and returned to the Logan Pass parking lot.

Willie posing at the trail head

Dallas posing at the trail head

Explorer’s Gentian (I think)

The trail’s not bad at all–yet.

Looking at a couple of mountain goats down below

Haystack Butte in the distance–that’s our goal for today.

Oh no!  The left side of the mountain just dropped off.  At least we have a rail to hold onto (for a while anyway).

I feel panic setting in, though.  The trail doesn’t seem any less scary for a person with a fear of heights, like me.

Well, I made it through that stretch, but there’s no way I’m looking down.

The trail’s better here.

See the bighorn sheep?

Pretty waterfall

Someone built a little shrine (?) in the center of the trail.

An interesting rock

The trail’s back to being a total drop-off.  I can’t get a break!  (Willie doesn’t seem to be bothered in the least.)

Mt. Oberlin in the distance

Beautiful Fireweed

Willie was looking down to Going-to-the-Sun Road & the valley.

There were lots of people on the trail this day.

A fellow hiker offered to take a photo of the 2 of us.

Glacier National Park has so many gorgeous views!

We saw lots of bighorn sheep and mountain goats.

We made it to Haystack Butte, where we ate our lunch.

Views from our lunch spot

Heading back down

We see that the goats and sheep are still there.

A happy mom and daughter!

The worst part of the hike!

And we’re almost back to the parking lot.

Willie and I had a nice day hiking the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park today.  We took lots of photos and even met some interesting people, including a young man from the eastern U.S. who was traveling around hiking all of the national parks in 2011.  I wonder if he kept a blog of all his adventures?

My next goal?  Hiking the Iceberg Lake Trail in 2012–stay tuned!