Hello Everyone!

Here we are sitting in our nice (very large) room at the Red Lion Inn in Seattle.  We are traveling with a group of about 38 people from Kalispell, a tour organized by the Chamber of Commerce.   Not everyone in the group is staying here, though.  We flew here today, but some are coming by car & will meet us at the airport tomorrow, when we leave at around 2:45 for: (1) Paris (Charles De Gaulle Airport), then to (2) Malaga Airport in Spain, where we take a bus to (3) Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol.  Long flight looming ahead.  I found out tonight that we’ll be flying over the North Pole.  Too bad it’ll be dark & we won’t be able to see anything.  I was hoping to see a polar bear or two.

We just got back from dinner down the street.  Eight of us walked down to a steak house.  The food was pretty good, as was the wine.  The best part was the Atomic Fire Balls they gave us in lieu of after-dinner mints.  Bill grabbed a huge handful on the way out.

Those who joined us for dinner included Joe & Colleen U. (the Chamber pres. & his musically talented wife who, incidentally, is an Irish Catholic girl from Belt, Montana.  She has some very interesting stories to tell &, in fact, proceeded to tell quite a few.)

We had met Carol & Pete N. a few weeks ago at the meeting in Kalispell where the travel agent handed out all of our travel documents.  Actually, I had met Pete many years ago, since he was our kids’ pediatric dentist.  Carol owns a lovely interior design store in Kalispell.

The other couple, whom we just met tonight, are Kathleen & Tom K.  We were telling them about our daughter, who is currently down in the Bay Area interviewing for about 12 different jobs.  Kathleen then told us that her daughter lives south of San Francisco & has for several years.  When she first went down there she had told her parents she happened to have a job interview at a small “start-up” company, the industry in which she had no experience so didn’t expect to get the job.  She did land the job, however, & has been working for GOOGLE ever since!  She loves it, too.  As I was talking to Willie on the phone just a little while ago I told her about that, & she wants me to get Kathleen’s daughter’s name and phone number, as she is interested in interviewing there too!

No photos yet, as I haven’t taken my camera out of the bag.  However, Joe did take a picture of all of us at the dinner table with his phone & was supposed to have emailed it over to me for the blog but, alas!  I have received no photo.

Will report again soon from sunny Spain!

~Dallas & Bill