Our Traveling Goals

But who will babysit me??

(Rio, our Blue Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog)

Dallas’ goals (and therefore, Bill’s too) are to travel to at least one country on every continent.  I’d like to accomplish this goal by the time I’m 60 years old (which, as you know, is a long time, ha ha!).  As of 2011, the continents  & countries we’ve seen so far include:

1.  North America:  The USA, Canada, Mexico

2.  Australia/Oceania:  Australia, New Zealand

3.  Europe:  The U.K., the Netherlands, Italy, France

The next big trip we’re planning will probably be in January 2013 or so.  We’re planning to go to Ecuador, Peru & the Galapagos Islands!  (All on the continent of 4. South America, of course.)

So that leaves these continents still to be visited after that:

5.  Asia,

6.  Africa and

7.  Antarctica (yes, I’m really planning to go there)

By the way, Bill’s goals, in addition to mine above, are to play golf on every continent.  Actually, maybe I’ll do that too!