Home Sweet Home!

Bill & I had to say ‘goodbye’ to our lovely daughter, Willie, the morning of Dec. 3rd. We were checking out of the hotel, but she was allowed to stay there for another few hours before she had to move her stuff over to a friend’s apt. for the weekend.

When we arrived at the Chas. de Gaulle Airport we thought we had plenty of time to go through all the rigmarole prior to boarding our flight, but we decided to check in first before we found a place to eat breakfast. The airport is really modern & beautiful. We noticed, also, that there were at least 3 soldiers patrolling around, carrying AK-47s.

We pulled our luggage over to the check-in kiosks, where I pushed all the correct buttons (I thought) in order to print our boarding passes. Just before the passes would print, however, the machine said “Please wait” while it did its computations. So we waited. And waited. Bill asked a passing agent what was going on, & she said it must be broken. So I moved over to the next kiosk. The same thing happened. It was about this time that the lights in the whole area flickered. I was a bit surprised by this but, after a quick look around, no one else seemed to be alarmed, so I moved over to the 3rd kiosk. The same thing happened again! So then we just decided to get into the line & talk to an agent in person, which was better, because we did receive our boarding passes fairly quickly.

Now it was time to go through the security area, which was not too far. But as we left the agent’s desk we noticed there was a huge mob collecting in the middle of the wide walkway. Thinking that these people must be standing in line for something else, we made our way through to the other side where we were met by 2 of the soldiers, guns at the ready. The looks on their faces said it all: go back! They weren’t joking, either, though the fact that they both appeared to be about 17 caused me to wonder if they weren’t secretly glad to have something to do.

Apparently, the flickering of the lights had caused a terrorist scare, & no one was allowed to go past until a couple of men were finished tinkering with some wires up in the ceiling. (At this point, of course, I was about half worried that my jamming up the 3 kiosks might have had something to do with the electrical problem. I’m dreading when those machines finally end up printing out our documents–we may be forced to return to Paris a little sooner than we had planned. Ha ha!)

Anyway, after a grueling almost 11-hour plane ride to the SLC Airport, & then another 1 & 1/2 more, we finally made it home. My kitties were sure glad to see me!

We want to thank our 2 wonderful kids for all their help during our trip–Willie for being such an excellent tour guide in both London & Paris, and Austin for taking care of the homestead for us, feeding the kitties, shoveling snow, cutting wood, etc. We’re proud of both of them!

So now it’s back to the grindstone for us until we manage to scrounge up enough money for the next trip. Happy Trails to all of you, & have a Merry Christmas too!