First group of Paris photos

Yesterday, Dec. 1st, we rose early & went to a small cafe to eat breakfast pastries & drink some of that great European coffee.

Then we walked over to the Musee du Quai Branly to buy tickets ahead of time (the museum didn’t open until 11:00).  While we were waiting, we walked over to the Eiffel Tower to have a close-up look. It was huge, of course, & Willie said that it now has a skating rink on one of the levels high up in the air.

After a few photos around there, we headed back to the Musee, where we sat in the coffee shop & drank more coffee for awhile in order to warm ourselves up. It was snowing, windy & COLD yesterday. (It was cold & snowy today, too, but not quite as windy.)

The Musee was excellent.  The building itself was beautiful, but the way everything was exhibited was equally impressive.  We viewed the main exhibit, which was a history of tools, artwork & ceremonial clothing of indigenous peoples from all over the world.

Next on the list was the wonderful restaurant called Laduree. This restaurant has all types of delicious dishes, but what they are really known for is their fabulous & colorful macarons (macaroons), which are little cookies in all different flavors & colors that just melt in your mouth–they look to me like tiny hamburgers, with a filling inside. Anyway, needless to say, we stuffed ourselves at Laduree.

As if we weren’t completely full of sugar by then, we walked from Laduree over to Fouquet to buy some of their famous caramels (I bought the assorted chocolate/caramel bag for Austin, but don’t tell him).

We then rode the Metro over to the Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature which, we didn’t realize beforehand, was a museum of hunting & the animals that were hunted. It was interesting & I enjoyed seeing the animals, but hunting, as most of you know, is definitely not my bag. There were guns upon guns (all antiques–most were very artistically inlaid with shells, ivory, etc.), and paintings of hunting scenes, stuffed animals & animal heads everywhere. The building the museum was located in was beautifully decorated and had some gorgeous draperies and wallpaper.

We then returned via the Metro to the hotel to warm up again. Not long afterward, we decided to venture out to buy some food & wine for dinner (at Fauchon, another interesting store with all kinds of food presented in cute little boxes). We brought it all back to the hotel room & relaxed for the evening.