Ciao to Palermo!

We rose this a.m. & decided to walk around some more before we have to leave. We took some different, larger streets. Bill was willing to go with me to see the botanical gardens, so we headed southwest. Along the way, we ran into a bunch of high school/college age kids who were in the process of rioting over something. A big mob of them was in the street, blocking the way for buses & cars. (The scooters, of course, just drove around & onto the sidewalks.) The rioting seemed innocent enough, although it caused lots of honking & hooting. Anyway, it was somewhat exciting.

We made it to the The Botanical Garden, which is part of Palermo University. The official brochure reads: “It was here, in what is considered the foremost scientific and academic section of the Department of Botanical Sciences, where botany was first taught as an academic subject.”

The gardens were very interesting, & there were plants & trees from all over the world. The signs were all written in Italian, but we were able to get the gist. It was really wonderful to get a reprieve from the hustle & bustle & noise of the streets for awhile. There was a centrally placed “Gymnasium,” which housed info. on the botanists & the Garzi family, who apparently financed a lot of it. (Again, all written in Italian…)

All in all, it was very beautiful & interesting, & I was really glad to have discovered this place before we left Palermo forever. Now, at least, we have a more positive opinion of this odd city.

I bought a cappuccino to take back to the hotel. Now I am working on the blog before we have to get our things ready to go to Paris. That’s one of the things I will miss the most about Italy–their wonderful coffee! Arrivederci!

P.S. I didn’t have time to upload all the photos for today–will have to do it later in Paris.