Wasted day

Well, yesterday was a total waste. We sat on a crowded, dirty bus for a good 10 hours. The ride from Naples to Taormina was supposed to take about 8 hrs., but during the trip we managed to lose another 2. We sat around dawdling too long at some of the stops. And at one point, all the lights on the train went out for some reason, & then we had to sit around while they tried to fix the problem. By the time we made it to the ferry that was to take us across the channel to Sicily, we were so late that we had to sit around waiting for another train to go.

This was the first train on which we’d bought first class tickets, too, which I thought was going to be great. There was absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between the 1st & 2nd class seats! Same old cublicle, same old 6 seats. Remind me never again to take a train in Italy! (We do, unfortunately, already have tickets to ride from here to Palermo. But that’s it forever for me!!)

We arrived so late at the hotel (the Villa Carlotta) that we haven’t had a chance to even see the place. We were planning to take a tour up to Mt. Etna (since we didn’t get to see Mt. Vesuvius) today, but that’s out of the question now. Anyway, it should be nice to walk into the town & explore. We’re high up on a mountain overlooking the sea.

P.S. We need more comments, please! We do enjoy reading them. Grazie!