Tues., Nov. 23, Basilica Day in Roma!

We had another busy day in Roma. In fact, I’m so tired I won’t be able to write very much. Exhaustion has set in, I’m afraid.

This a.m. we walked over toward Vatican City. Bill didn’t want to go there, so he went one way & I went the other. I toured St. Peter’s Basilica (absolutely huge, & beautiful) while he visited the Castel Sant’ Angelo not too far from Vatican City. We were to meet each other back on the bridge at 11:30. I didn’t have time to go to the Sistine Chapel, but I wasn’t sure how to get there anyway.

We then walked back to the hotel to eat lunch before we had to get ready for our next excursion. The dining room at the top of the restaurant was booked for a party, however, so we had to go out walking again to find another one. The one we found had excellent food, so all was well.

At about 1:45 a bus picked us up at the hotel to take us on our afternoon excursion, which included 2 more basilicas (St. John in Lateran–gorgeous, St. Mary Majour–very old & pretty), the “Holy Stairs” (people walk up them on their knees, reciting the rosary as they go–it’s supposed to be symbolic of the steps in Pontius Pilate’s palace that Jesus had to walk up), & the Catacombs.

Needless to say, we saw lots of interesting things today. But, as I said, I AM BEAT!

Enjoy the photos (they’re a little bit out of order again)! Tomorrow it’s on to Naples, & Pompeii the next day!