First full day in Roma, Nov. 22

Wow, are we tired of walking! We’ve seen a lot, though, most of it being stuff we don’t know what we’re looking at. But it’s all really interesting. On the way over here in the taxi, it was dark & raining, but I remember thinking lots of the buildings looked like we were in a bad neighborhood. Now I realize I was just looking at ruins! There are ruins everywhere!!

We’ve taken so many photos today that it’s going to take forever just to sort through them & upload onto the blog.

We discovered last night, upon reading over the ticket info. for the 3-hr. walking tour, that we were supposed to have made reservations for a specific day 72 hrs. in advance. But I emailed the co. & told them we would be over at the meeting place by 8:45 this a.m. anyway. So we got up at 6:30 & hurried around in order to get over to the Colosseum near the Metro where we were to meet the guide.

Well, we did meet the guide. However, she said that she was already scheduled to give a “private tour” for a family of 7.  She was sorry, but we were out of luck.  Anyway, we just walked over to the Colosseum, paid for some audio guide phones, & toured the place on our own (with about a couple thousand other people).  Between getting poured on sporadically throughout the day & trying to figure out how to work the audio phones, we did have a great time & learned a lot.  And we’ve got the photos to prove it…

After walking all over the area following the Colosseum tour, we’ve decided we’re going to build some cobblestone pathways around through our gardens at home, put in some fountains, & hire an artist to make some marble statues of each of us for posterity.  What a legacy to leave the kids!

P.S.  The photos may be out of order, since some were taken by me & some were taken by Bill.  And one was taken by a stranger!

P.P.S.  In case you hadn’t noticed, there are lots of kitties around here, just as there were in Amsterdam.  BIG kitties.  They must get fed well.