Nov. 18th (London)

I don’t have time to write much, since it takes forever to upload photos. (I’m using the free slower internet instead of paying for the faster.)
Yesterday we walked to the Banqueting House, which was an “architectural masterpiece,” mostly because of the huge ballroom upstairs with the gorgeous ceiling painted by Peter Paul Rubens. He was paid 3,000 pounds to paint it 400 yrs. or so ago; today that would be equivalent to about 250,000 pounds.

Then we walked past Big Ben & Parliament to the Westminster Bridge & pier, where we boarded the City Cruise & traveled up the River Thames. We saw lots of interesting bldgs., etc., then we landed at the Tower of London. They threw us into the dungeon, & that is why I don’t have time to write anymore, since I’m scheduled to be beheaded at noon. Ha ha!

The Tower of London was fantastic–very interesting. I would have liked to spend a lot more time exploring it, but we had to get going over to the Tower Bridge. Also beautiful & very interesting, especially when we went down into the engine rooms.

I took lots of other pics. Will try to upload them later on today or tonight. We have to get packed & ready to take the train to Amsterdam now. Also, we have to say ‘goodbye’ to Willie, although we’ll be seeing her again in Paris. Bonjour!