Fri., Nov. 19th

You’re not going to believe it, but I took only one photo today!

We were on the trains traveling from London to Amsterdam most of the day. The trains were pretty nice. We had to transfer at Brussels station, which was rather big and very busy. The biggest problem we had there was trying to find the restrooms, which were far over into one corner, across approx. 2 football field lengths. When we finally located the place, we discovered that we couldn’t go in without dropping a half a Euro into the turnstile slot. Of course, just having come from London, we had only pounds, not Euros. So then we had to go clear over to the other side of the place to find a money exchange, turn around, & go back.

The train from Brussels, however, was nicer and more comfortable than the other one, so I guess that made up for it. The photo I’m including was taken on the first train.

By the time we arrived in Amsterdam (we were delayed for a bit because of a crash somewhere along the route), it was dark. But the bldgs. look so interesting. They’re really narrow and TALL &, of course, close together. We ate at a small restaurant that was really crowded with locals, so we knew it must be good. The goat cheese, fruit, walnut salads, bread, & bowl of pomme frites were delicious. We also indulged in some Dutch beer (I mean bier).

Tomorrow we will take a canal boat cruise around the city & plan to see the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank house, & whatever else we can find.

The people seem to speak mostly French here, which is surprising. Or maybe the Dutch language just sounds like French. Thank goodness for us, though, they also speak English!

Bill on the train from London to Brussels