We’re going to Europe!

Hello again, Everybody!

Bill and I are leaving on a trip to Europe next week to see Willie.  Here’s our itinerary:

1.  Nov. 15–19:  Fly from Kalispell to Minneapolis to London and stay 3 nights with Willie

2.  Nov. 19–21:  Take a high-speed train from London to Amsterdam and stay 2 nights

3.  Nov. 21–24:  Fly from Amsterdam to Rome and stay 3 nights

4.  Nov. 24–26:  Take a train from Rome to Naples and stay 2 nights

5.  Nov. 26–28:  Take a train from Naples to Taormina, Sicily and stay 2 nights

6.  Nov. 28–30:  Take a train from Taormina to Palermo, Sicily and stay 2 nights

7.  Nov. 30–Dec. 3:  Fly from Palermo to Paris and stay 3 nights (Willie will meet us there)

8.  Dec. 3:  Fly from Paris back to Kalispell

Austin will be coming home tomorrow so he can learn all about how to take care of the 4 kitties while we’re gone.  (Our home recently grew by one cat.  A little, hungry, stray black and white female was hanging around our shop for a few weeks, so of course I had to bring her home!)   I plan to try to keep the blog up to date with our adventures and photos.  But, as you can see by the itinerary, we’re going to be really busy.  If I can’t keep it up to date during the trip, I’ll be sure to tell you all about everything when we arrive back home.

Keep checking back for the latest news!  Until then, happy trails to you!

~Dallas & Bill