Final Blog Entry (Sun., Feb. 7, 2010)

Hi again, Everyone!

Our fantastic trip to New Zealand and Australia is over now, but we’ll have our wonderful memories forever.  I hope you were able to get a sense of what our trip was like from our blog.  I had a good time trying to keep you informed!

Thanks to everyone who left us their comments.  And special thanks to Pete Claar, who emailed me the Australian “G’Day” song.  It reminded me of our bus trip through the Outback, listening to the music of Lazy Harry.  His cd included that song, Waltzing Mathilda, and several other Australian folk tunes.

Bill and I will try to get over our jet lag within the next few days.  We’re pretty tired!  But we’ll be saving our money again for our next big adventure, whenever that may be.  Goodbye for now!

~Dallas & Bill