We’re staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Sydney.  It’s a beautiful hotel that’s very near Circular Quay, “the gateway to Sydney Harbour.”

The day after we arrived back here we were taken on a city bus tour that took us all around the area, including across the Harbour Bridge.  The bus driver was telling us so much info. that it was beginning to be overwhelming.  We stopped at a really nice park that overlooks the harbor (Mrs. Macquarie’s Point), where there are some huge, beautiful fig trees.  Just like Cairns, Sydney also has lots of fruit bats (Flying Foxes) that eat the figs and fly around at dusk.  They have a wingspan of up to 3 meters wide.  (As far as bats go, I think these are kind of cute, since they have little fox-like faces.  They fly way up in the sky, too, so there’s no danger of one flying in your face or hair.)

Another place we toured was Bondi Beach (pronounced Bond-eye), one of the eastern beaches (not in the harbor).  It was a huge crescent of white sand, with all kinds of little shops and cafes situated where you could look out at the ocean.

Then we were taken down to Circular Quay (it’s between the famous Opera House and the Harbour Bridge), where we boarded a big boat for a seafood luncheon cruise around the Sydney Harbour.  No words can describe how gorgeous that was.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Today, Bill and I walked around the city and did some last-minute shopping.  We also planned to take the easy, though long, walk across Harbour Bridge (the “widest single-span bridge in the world”).  (If you’re especially brave, you can also climb up onto the top arc of the bridge and walk about halfway across, provided you pay $170 and sign a waver.)  I was all gung-ho until my old fear of heights got the better of me, and I had to beat a hasty retreat.  (Bill didn’t make it much farther, as he said the bridge started to sway around once he reached a certain point.)

Tomorrow we leave for home.  I hope you have all enjoyed reading about our adventures on our trip of a lifetime here in the Land of Down-Under!  We’ve both had a fantastic time.  And now it’s back to the real world!