Jan. 14th photos

Mystery bird on the golf course this a.m. (an Oystercatcher??)

Hole no. 11 at Waitangi Golf Club

Sunrise view from our room

While Bill was golfing, I went back to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds Museum area & paid the $20 so I could go inside & read all the info. It was very interesting!

Remember that huge war canoe (waka in Maori) under the shed I showed you yesterday?? Here’s the stump of the gigantic kauri tree from which the canoe was made!

Te Whare Runanga (the Maori meeting house) on the Museum grounds

The inside of the meeting house–all the walls and ceiling were made up of carvings & decorations. It was really impressive!

On board the boat for dolphin-watching, seeing the Hole in the Rock, & ferrying over to the town of Russell across the bay

Looking for dolphins

We saw 2 dolphins! We couldn’t get any good pics, but we really did see them.

Coming up to The Hole in the Rock

Going through!

Another pretty island beach

Coming up to Russell

I bought a hat!

Another interesting tree

We hiked up to the top of a hill & had a great view of the whole bay!

All that hiking made us thirsty!