Fri., Jan. 15th

I’m writing this post in the car–we’re heading back to Auckland today.  Boy, these narrow roads are windy.  I’m car-sick already & am still gripping the door handle.  Have already had at least 3 serious scares of near run-ins with objects on the left-hand side (my side) of the road, & we’ve barely left Paihia.  (Rick, I’m almost hoping Bill would drive in the middle of the road!)  Typing in this bumpy car is not easy.  I’m probably going to have to quit pretty soon.

I did want to tell Willie about the cute cashier who waited on me in the museum gift shop yesterday.  He had longish (about jaw-length or maybe not quite that long) dark brown hair & big brown eyes.  I overheard him telling some other customers that he was from Argentina, so I asked him how long he had been in NZ.  He said he was traveling.  Had been living in the South Island for about 9 mos., & now he was going to be here in the North for about 2 mos., then he had to go back to Argentina.  I asked what he does there, & he said he was a graphic designer.  I asked how old he was & even asked whether he was married!  He said he was 31, but I said he didn’t look like it, & he said he gets that a lot.  No, he wasn’t married, & that’s why he was able to travel.  He said he wants to travel to Europe next.  Anyway, he was adorable.  Another clerk (an old lady) asked me if I wanted to take him home!

Also, there sure seem to be a lot of British transplants around here.  I guess they’re all sick & tired of the bad dreary weather in England.  We talked to a lady on the boat yesterday.  She & her family (husband was in the pharmaceutical busines) had moved here 5 mos. ago.  They didn’t look like it, but they must have been “filthy rich” (Bill’s term).  They were originally from England, but had lived in Dubai, Italy & Saudi Arabia too.  (She had very crooked teeth.  If she was so rich, I don’t know why she didn’t invest in some dental work.  Ha ha!)  She & her kids all had very light blond hair, & she was directing them to slather on a bunch of sun-screen.  I wonder how they survived in Dubai & Saudi Arabia?  Oh, one more thing.  Her son was wearing Crocs!  Ha ha ha!