We finally made it to Fiji (flew Air Pacific from L.A.), & now we’re sitting in the VIP lounge downstairs at the Fiji airport.  Quite a hassle getting through the transit/screening area & then trying to find this place.  But we’re the only ones in here so far.  It’s nice, & we get free beverages, free internet, etc.  Bill’s in the bathroom brushing his teeth.  We couldn’t see anything outside because it’s dark.  We arrived here at around 5:30 a.m. on Jan. 11.  Now it’s almost 6:30.  The plane ride wasn’t too terribly bad.  I slept most of the way, but Bill claims he only slept for about 4 hrs.

We sat next to a very nice man from Utah.  He said he travels around all over the world installing carpet in Mormon temples.  He says that anyone who works on any of the temples has to have a “recommend” in order to get inside.  So, of course, he’s a Mormon too.  He said he just came from some other country (can’t remember which) to install carpet there.  I asked if his wife ever gets to go with him, & he said she works for the school district & can’t get time off.  He was flying on to some other Fiji island.

We leave for Auckland in about 2 hrs.  Now I’m going to go put on my shorts!